Dear Campbell Church,

We are slowly reopening both Sabbath School and Worship Service, but we want to make sure everyone is aware of protocols implemented to ensure everyone’s safety.

  • The Sabbath School classes will continue to be online.
  • Church service will begin at 11:00 am at the church location.
  • Wearing masks will be required to enter and remain in the building without exception.
  • Social distancing will be implemented.
  • There should be no congregating in the lobby.
  • Seating arrangements will be every other row with families sitting together.
  • We encourage giving online. Offering plates will be placed in the sanctuary at the end of the service for those giving in person.
  • Potlucks are indefinitely suspended until further notice.
  • Refusal to abide by these safety measures will jeopardize the service for the day and require us to close the service down.

We look forward to seeing you this Sabbath.

Campbell Church Board

Some of our Sabbath School classes are also streamed starting at 9:30 a.m.