Our Mission

We are dedicated to being:

A worshiping congregation filled with the joy of knowing God.
A healing community that joins together to comfort and overcome brokenness.
An equipping center for training every member in ministry.
A deployment agency for sending people into each day with power.

About Seventh-day Adventists®

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a mainstream Protestant church with approximately 19 million members worldwide, including more than one million members in North America. The Seventh-day Adventist Church seeks to enhance quality of life for people everywhere and to let people know that Jesus is coming again soon.

Adventists believe a Trinity of three persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit—make up one God. They made salvation possible when Jesus, the Son, came to earth as a baby in Bethlehem and lived a sinless life in accordance with the Father’s will. When Jesus was crucified for the sins of the people of the world and arose from the dead on the third day, victory was won for everyone.

When He returned to heaven following the resurrection, Jesus left the Holy Spirit to serve as our Comforter and Counselor. He promised to return to earth a second time to complete His plan of salvation and take His people to heaven. Adventists are among the believers who look forward to that day.

Adventists believe that God is concerned with the quality of human life, and that everything—the way we live, eat, speak, think, treat each other, and care for the world around us—is part of His plan. Our families, our children, our jobs, our talents, our money, and our time are all important to Him.

Our Church History

The church was officially organized on December 24, 1932, with 28 charter members, including Bert, Edith and Laura Gerans and Ora Gipe (her husband, Harry, became a member in 1950). The evangelistic company remained in the area for several months, holding cooking and health classes as well as conducting a school for the children. When the company left in 1934, the church depended heavily on lay leadership for a number of years. Rudy Schaeffer was local elder from 1934 to 1936, C.C. Curry from 1936 to 1940, and Ralph Anderson from 1940 to 1948.

July 17, 1948-Church on Rincon & Fourth Street, Campbell was Dedicated 

Between 1934 and 1941, two series of evangelistic meetings were held in the area under the direction of Elder Walter Rich and Elder Clarence Smith. During these years the congregation met in the Library in downtown Campbell, which was beautifully decorated and warmed by a cheery fire in the large rock fireplace. In 1941, a building fund was started to buy property on which to build a church. A year later, members of the Campbell church located a school property for sale on the corner of Fourth and Rincon streets, but passed it by because the buildings were not suited to their needs. Then, in the winter of 1943, they looked again at the school property since the school district had removed the buildings at their own expense and were selling just the land. And so, the land was purchased in March 1944. The forms for the foundation of the church were laid in February 1946, and the building was completed October 1, 1947, at a cost of $20,000. The first services were held on October 22, 1947. On July 17, 1948, the sanctuary was dedicated debt-free to the finishing of the work of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the Campbell area of God’s great vineyard. Elder R. C. Baker, president of Central California Conference officiated at the ceremony; Elder Caesar Bufano was the pastor at the time. In December 1949, the church had 89 members. Ten years later, the congregation had grown to 184 members.

Church membership grew steadily through the years so that eventually a larger church was necessary. A two-and-one-half acre plot became available next to the church school in 1970. It was purchased for the sum of $70,500 and plans for a new church gradually began to take shape.

1964 – Part of our members left to charter/start the San Jose Cambrian Park Church.

The first phase of the present structure, which included the Youth Chapel and Sabbath School rooms, was started in March 1972, when Elder Eugene Sample was the pastor, and by October, the congregation moved in.

Campbell Avenue – Met in Youth Chapel during building of the present church (1st phase)

The second phase began some five years later, in April 1977, with most of the work done by our own church members. The work was nearly complete when consecration weekend was observed on June 2-4, 1978. In 1982, the debt was retired, making possible the dedication celebration on June 18-19, 1982. Elder Lee Tripp was the pastor at the time, from 1973-1982. Pastors who have served since include: Clark McCall, Harvey Retzer, Vernon Furgason, Eric Scott, Tom Dodge, Virgil Bello and Gary Jensen.

June 18, 1982-Present Church Located on 600 West Campbell was dedicated. 

Pastors Who Served the Campbell Church

2022 – 2023 Eddy Perez

2014 – 2021  Ivor Myers
2012 – 2014  Joe Reynolds
2012 – 2014 Thom Garner (Associate)
2012 – 2014  Stephen Hicks (Bible Worker)
2010 – 2012  Mark Duarte
1997 – 2009  Gary Jensen
1998 – 2002  Tom Dodge (Associate)
1992 – 2002  Virgil Bello (Youth)
1990 – 1991  Vernon R. Furgason
1985 – 1987  Harvey Retzer (Associate)
1982 – 1991  Clark B. McCall  
1973 – 1982  Lee R. Tripp
1972 – 1973  James L. Edwards
1968 – 1972  H. Eugene Sample
1964 – 1968  Russell K. Krick
1960 – 1964  J. D. Bolejack
1956 – 1960  Andrew Dahl
1952 – 1956  Harold Hare
1951 – 1952  C. L. Lingenfelter
1950 – 1951  L. H. Hallsted
1947 – 1950  C. Bufano